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How we work

Linscott is a school run by parents, and parents need to stay informed. You can access all of the vital information of the workings of this school in this section. In addition to the information on this page, access details on following pages about:

What's for breakfast or lunch?

Revolution Foods is our breakfast & lunch supplier, providing healthy, fresh-cooked, hot meals to our children. Breakfast & lunch menus will be distributed monthly, and can be downloaded from the Lunch Menu page. Make your monthly  breakfast and/or lunch selections, complete one for each child, and return it to the office with payment. Breakfast is $2.00 (or .30 reduced) and lunches are $3.50 each (.40 reduced), checks payable to Linscott Charter School. Parents may also fill out their own forms ahead of time for both breakfast and/or lunche on their parent workdays -- make sure to submit your order(s) on the Monday PRIOR to the week that you would like to receive your meals. Free and reduced-price meals are still available; just fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch application attached to the menu and turn it in to the office. Any questions? Please see Andrea in the office.  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION.

Independent Study

The goal of Independent Study is to provide support to students in making continuous progress by encouraging families to find educational value in non-classroom based activities during times of travel or illness and to assist students in pursuing educational goals based on special interest. The choice of Independent Study may be base on one of the following reasons:
  • students who for pre-planned family reasons must interrupt regular school attendance
  • students who for short-term, health related reasons or illness must interrupt regular school attendance
  • to assist students in pursuing pre-approved educational goals of special interests
All Independent Study must be pre-arranged with your students' teacher. Independent study forms are available in our Parent Communication section under Form Downloads.

Emergency and Lockdown Procedures

Linscott's Safety, Health and Emergency Preparedness Committee regularly evaluates our safety procedures. Click here to access current emergency procedures.