Ongoing fundraisers

Linscott Ongoing Fundraisers

All of the following fundraisers are FREE. Just log in/register your cards and help Linscott make money from your daily shopping and dining.


For those who have Target credit cards, please log onto your account and enroll in the ‘Take Charge of Education’ and designate Linscott Charter School to receive a percentage of what you spend.


Nob Hill:

If you shop at Nob Hill follow the link below and sign in or open a 'Something Extra' account and then choose Linscott Charter School as your organization.


Online Shopping:

Do you shop online? Register your credit/debit cards at:


Start your shopping by clicking on the link below and earn up to 16% from purchases at over 1,000 name brand merchants.


eScrip Dining:

Do you eat out? Register your credit/debit card on eScrip and everytime you eat at one of the participating restaurants, Linscott earns up to 5%. See attached link for list of restaurants.


Snack Cart:

Visit our Snack Cart that is run by parent volunteers M-F from 8:30-11.  All proceeds benefit our school!!!!